Apperceptive Patterning: Artefaction, Extensional Beliefs and Cognitive Scaffolding


  • Ekin Erkan The New Centre of Research & Practice


Ontology, Machine Learning, Hegel, Leroi-gourhan, Negarestani, Stiegler, Carnap


In "Psychopower and Ordinary Madness" my ambition, as it relates to Bernard Stiegler's recent literature, was twofold: 1) critiquing Stiegler's work on exosomatization and artefactual posthumanism-or, more specifically, nonhumanism-to problematize approaches to media archaeology that rely upon technical exteriorization; 2) challenging how Stiegler engages with Giuseppe Longo and Francis Bailly's conception of negative entropy. These efforts were directed by a prevalent techno-cultural qualifier: the rise of Synthetic Intelligence (including neural nets, deep learning, predictive processing and Bayesian models of cognition). This paper continues this project but first directs a critical analytic lens at the Derridean practice of the ontologization of grammatization from which Stiegler emerges while also distinguishing how metalanguages operate in relation to object-oriented environmental interaction by way of inferentialism. Stalking continental (Kapp, Simondon, Leroi-Gourhan, etc.) and analytic traditions (e.g., Carnap, Chalmers, Clark, Sutton, Novaes, etc.), we move from artefacts to AI and Predictive Processing so as to link theories related to technicity with philosophy of mind. Simultaneously drawing forth Robert Brandom's conceptualization of the roles that commitments play in retrospectively reconstructing the social experiences that lead to our endorsement(s) of norms, we compliment this account with Reza Negarestani's deprivatized account of intelligence while analyzing the equipollent role between language and media (both digital and analog).

Author Biography

Ekin Erkan, The New Centre of Research & Practice

Ekin Erkan studied Film and Media studies student as a graduate student at Columbia University and is currently pursuing post-graduate study in Critical Philosophy under Reza Negarestani's tutelage. Erkan also is a columnist and critic at the art and literature journal AEQAI and, in addition to his work on aesthetics and philosophy of art, Erkan has published writing on François Laruelle's "non-ethics,” AI and creative non-calculation, and post-Deleuzian film theory in peer-reviewed publications including the Cincinnati Romance Review, Chiasma, Alphaville, and Rhizomes. Erkan is also currently working with Giacomo Gilmozzi on Bernard Stiegler's United Nations 2020 World Summit initiative "Internation.World.” Erkan will be publishing a book on the collective closure between, early digital utopianism, and the Marxist-Leninst Turkish hacktivist group Redhack in the Fall of 2019.


28-04-2020 — Updated on 06-12-2021

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