Reparsing Nature: The Bionoetics Framework and the Age of Magic and Wonder


  • Seán O Nualláin Foundations of Mind


Consciousness, Paradigm, Biology, Neuroscience, Normativity


In this short note, radical proposals are made about the direction of the "exact" and "social" sciences. While it is uncontroversial to state that, as of 2018 as indeed for at least a generation before, the paradigms and consequently methodologies and institutions are no longer fit for purpose, few have raised their head over the parapet sufficiently high to enunciate articulated  alternatives. The foundations of mind project has published over 150 papers from names like Kauffmann, Freeman, Stapp, as well as left-fielders like Capra, Langan, Wolf and Sarfatti; while it continues to struggle financially, the record download levels suggests many are listening. In this brief paper I will try to eschew technical terms where possible as the intent is that those not familiar with any discipline and its controversies can understand the basic problems. Those wishing to find the original references can peruse the 7 volumes of proceedings we published 2014-2018.




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