Vol 16, No 2 (2020)

Philosophy Without Borders

Table of Contents


This is the Way the World Ends: A Philosophy of Civilization Since 1900, and A Philosophy of the Future Abstract PDF
Robert Hanna, Otto Paans, 1-53
Repairing Historicity Abstract PDF
Bennett B. Gilbert 54-75
Kant’s Hermeneutics of Progress Abstract PDF
Zachary Biondi 76-93
Geist and Ge-Stell: Beyond the Cyber-Nihilist Convergence of Intelligence Abstract PDF
Hilan Nissior Bensusan 94-117
Information and Explication: From Wave Function to Conscious Thought Abstract PDF
Ted Dace 118-141
The Planck-Shannon Plot: A Quantitative Method for Identifying ‘Superstructures’ in Cell Biology and Consciousness Study Abstract PDF
Sungchul Ji 142-164
Henri Bergson and the Mind Body Problem: Overcoming Cartesian Dualism Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 165-181
Back to Bergson: The Continuing Importance of Bergson for Process Philosophy and Theology Abstract PDF
Brian Macallan 182-197
Enlivening Society: Life as Elasticity in Henri Bergson's Le Rire Abstract PDF
Adam Lovasz 198-244
Cognitive Development: Towards a Pluralistic and Coalitional Model Abstract PDF
Hicham Khabbache, Khalid Ouaziz, Nicola Luigi Braggazi, Ali Assad Watfa, Redouane Mrabet 245-265
Thinking About What the Others Are Thinking About: An Integrative Approach to the Mind Perception and Social Cognition Theory Abstract PDF
Hicham Khabbache, Khalid Ouazizi, Nicola Luigi Braggazi, Zouhair Belamfedel Alaoui, Radouane Mrabet 266-295
Mentality and Object: Computational and Cognitive Diachronic Emergence Abstract PDF
Ekin Erkan 296-356
Living with Technology: Human Enhancement or Human Development? Abstract PDF
Paul Healy 357-368
The Connectivity of All Things: On Speculative Bonds Abstract PDF
Sean Braune 369-390
Infinite Judgements and Transcendental Logic Abstract PDF
Anna Longo, Madeleine Collier, Ekin Erkan 391-415
Notes Perhaps for a New Millenium Or: Could a Healthier Civilization Rise from the Ashes of Modernity? Abstract PDF
Murray Code 416-429
The Developing Process of Technological Rationality and Its Humanistic Relation Abstract PDF
Jianjun Zhao 430-447
Paideia and the Semiotics of Educating for Democracy Abstract PDF
Steve Peter Mackey 448-474
Theodicy by Other Means? Rethinking “God after Auschwitz” through the Dialectics of Antitheodicism Abstract PDF
Sami Pihlstrom 475-494
Hermeneutics and the Conservatism of Listening Abstract PDF
David Liakos 495-519
Is Space Discrete? An Inquiry into the Reality of Planck Length and its Philosophical Implications Abstract PDF
Zhen Liang 520-536

Review Articles

On Computer Simulation, with Particular Regard to their Application in Contemporary Astrophysics Abstract PDF
Stefan Gruner, Matthias Bartelmann 537-581