Limits and Epistemological Barriers to Human Knowledge of the Natural World


  • Jorge E. Horvath Universidade de Sí£o Paulo USP - IAG Astronomy
  • Rodrigo Rosas Fernandes IAG-USP
  • Thais Eunice Pires Idiart IAG-USP


Epistemology, Scientific Philosophy, Episteme


The goal of this article is to chart the current limitations and epistemological barriers in Science and Scientific Philosophy from a very general point of view. We list and discuss different types of barriers that difficult the knowledge of the physical world. Some particularly relevant physical problems, where absolute barriers seem to determine the end of the attainable knowledge, are discussed in the last part.

Author Biography

Jorge E. Horvath, Universidade de Sí£o Paulo USP - IAG Astronomy

Departamento de Astronomia



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