Vol 5, No 2 (2009)

Transcending the Disciplinary Boundaries

Table of Contents


Transcending the Disciplinary Boundaries Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 1-4
Tribute to Brian Goodwin 1931-2009 Abstract PDF HTML
Arran Gare 5-8


The Sociological Imagination and Its Promise Fifty Years Later Abstract PDF HTML
Carlos Frade 9-39
James Mark Baldwin with Alfred North Whitehead on Organic Selectivity: The “Novel” Factor in Evolution Abstract PDF HTML
Adam Christian Scarfe 40-107
Complexity, Sustainability, Justice, and Meaning: Chronological Versus Dynamical Time Abstract PDF HTML
Horacio Velasco 108-133
Climate Change and Some Other Implications of Vibratory Existence Abstract PDF HTML
Glenn McLaren 134-160
Temporal Foundations in the Construction of History: Two Essays Abstract PDF HTML
Frederic Will 161-177
A semiotic view of Dewey's times and Habermas's lifeworlds Abstract PDF HTML
Steve Mackey 178-190
Meaning and Abduction as Process-Structure: A Diagram of Reasoning Abstract PDF HTML
Inna Semetsky 191-209
What makes “a mental illness?” What makes “a new mental illness”?: The cases of solastalgia and hubris syndrome. Abstract PDF HTML
Seamus P MacSuibhne 210-225
Derrida, Terrorism, and Communism: A Comment on “Autoimmunity: Real and Symbolic Suicides” Abstract PDF HTML
Alzo David-West 226-235
Practical Mysticism and Deleuze’s Ontology of the Virtual Abstract PDF HTML
Terry Lovat, Inna Semetsky 236-249
Žižek and the Ontological Emergence of Technology Abstract PDF HTML
Daniel Peter Hourigan 250-263
Philosophical Anthropology, Ethics and Political Philosophy in an Age of Impending Catastrophe Abstract HTML PDF
Arran Gare 264-286
Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Modern Cosmology: The Case For a Kuhnian Paradigm Shift Abstract PDF
Jorge E. Horvath 287-303

Review Articles

Back to the Great Outdoors: Speculative Realism as Philosophy of Science Abstract PDF HTML
Arun JJ Saldanha 304-321