Practical Mysticism and Deleuze's Ontology of the Virtual


  • Terry Lovat The University of Newcastle
  • Inna Semetsky Monash University


Deleuze, Ontology, Mysticism


Deleuze's philosophical method is analyzed and positioned against the background of the intellectual/religious tradition of practical mysticism that has been traveling the globe across times, places, languages, and cultural barriers. The paper argues that Deleuze's unorthodox ontology of the virtual enables a naturalistic interpretation of the functioning of mysticism when the triad of concepts, percepts and affects is formed in accord with the logic of the included middle.


Author Biography

Inna Semetsky, Monash University

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Faculty of Education Monash University




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Lovat, T., & Semetsky, I. (2009). Practical Mysticism and Deleuze’s Ontology of the Virtual. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, 5(2), 236–249. Retrieved from