The Marxian Tonality of Organopolitics


  • Michel Weber


Alfred North Whitehead, Karl Marx, Global systemic crisis, Biopolitics


To explore a synergy of sorts between Whitehead and Marx is very tempting in the context of the current global systemic crisis. Since Foucault's lecture given at the Collège de France in 1975-1976, the concepts of biopower and biopolitics have been widely discussed in academic and political circles. It seems more to the point here to speak of the need for an organopolitics. In a nutshell, Marx's ideal and pragmatism should be preserved, together with his twin concepts of class consciousness and class struggle. His concept of class needs however some new foundations while his materialism and determinism would be advantageously replaced by panexperientialism and creativity.

Nine steps are expedient to probe the stakes and outline the project.

Author Biography

Michel Weber

Michel Weber obtained his Ph. D. in Philosophy from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) where he is has been a research fellow. He is currently the director of the Centre de philosophie pratique, Brussels. His research program mainly consists of developing the activities of three networks: the "Chromatiques whiteheadiennes”, the "European William James Project” and the "Whitehead Psychology Nexus”. He is the author of eight monographs and (co-)editor of numerous scientific studies. He also edits the "Chromatiques whiteheadiennes” Series (Ontos Verlag), the Chromatikon Yearbook (Presses universitaires de Louvain) and co-edits the "Process Thought” Series (Ontos Verlag).




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