The Spirit (of our Time) is and is not a Bone.


  • Johan Vandycke Universiteit Gent


Hegel, Žižek, Graham Priest, Dialetheism, postmodernism


Slavoj Žižek and Graham Priest are two philosphers who have a unique place within respectively postmodernist and formal-logic philosophy. They both defend Hegelianism within the two domains that could historically be characterized a anti-Hegelian. We characterize their formal Hegelianism through respectively the style form of chiasm and the inclosure schema. In addition to this, we make concrete the two movements in which they are situated on the basis of two prominent philosophers: Jacques Derrida and Bertrand Russell. We outline the two Hegelians#39; criticism of these figures and in this way we come to a refinement of the analogy and difference between the them. Finally, we explain how they could be considered in relation to their movements in general.




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