Ernst Bloch and the Philosophy of Immanence


  • Wayne Hudson University of Tasmania


Enst Bloch, Speculative Materialism, Speculative Realism


In this essay I raise difficulties for both speculative realism and speculative materialism, both fashionable stances. I do not argue against realism or materialism as such, but I suggest that in both cases a more precise delineation of what is meant by ‘speculative' would be beneficial. I discuss speculative realism in part one and speculative materialism in part two, and then add a brief conclusion in part three.

Author Biography

Wayne Hudson, University of Tasmania

Professor, School of Philosophy, University of Tasmania


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Hudson, W. (2019). Ernst Bloch and the Philosophy of Immanence. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, 15(1), 155–164. Retrieved from