A Theory of Evolution as a Process of Unfolding


  • Agustin Ostachuk Laboratorio de Investigación en Ciencias Humanas (LICH-CONICET), Universidad Nacional de San Martí­n (UNSAM), Buenos Aires, Argentina


Evolution, Unfolding, Virtual Preformation, Ideological Matrix, Morphogenetic Fields, Form, Teleology, Consciousness, Life


In this work I propose a theory of evolution as a process of unfolding. This theory is based on four logically concatenated principles. The principle of evolutionary order establishes that the more complex cannot be generated from the simpler. The principle of origin establishes that there must be a maximum complexity that originates the others by logical deduction. Finally, the principle of unfolding and the principle of actualization guarantee the development of the evolutionary process from the simplest to the most complex. These logical principles determine the existence of a virtual ideological matrix that contains the sequence of the preformed and folded morphogenetic fields. In this manner, the evolutionary process consists of the sequential unfolding and actualization of these fields, which is motorized by a process of teleologization carried out by the opening consciousness of the forms included in the fields of the ideological matrix. This theory leads to a radical change of perspective regarding the materialist worldview, and places life at the center of the evolutionary process as an activity carried out by a consciousness that seeks to fulfill a purpose by actualizing its own potentialities.




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