Ecological Philosophy and Its Applications

Following Félix Guattari’s Tradition


  • Helena Knyazeva National Research University Higher School of Economics


The philosophical meaning of some ideas of modern ecology is revealed in this article, and the possibility of applying an extended ecological approach in scientific research, management and educational activities is substantiated. The heuristic character of the concept of ecosophy, introduced by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss and the French semiotician and psychiatrist Félix Guattari, is shown. It is argued that ecology today is not limited to the idea of coexistence and co-evolution of man and nature, but might be understood as an ecology of mind, of knowledge, of action, of communication, of management, and of education.

Author Biography

Helena Knyazeva, National Research University Higher School of Economics

pDepartment of Evolutionary Epistemology/ppLeading Research Associate/p




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