An Anthropological and Meta-philosophical Critique of Hilan Bensusan’s Indexicalism


  • Carlos Segovia Saint Louis University
  • Sofya Gevorkyan


Bensusan; Indexicalism; Ontologism; Otherwise


This paper discusses Hilan Bensusan’s new book, Indexicalism: Realism and the Metaphysics of Paradox, from two different yet interrelated angles. On the one hand, it examines its problematic admixture of subtractive and chiastic logics for approaching the Otherwise, and questions its unresolvedness thereof. On the other hand, it analyses its anti-ontologism and criticises its subsequent mistrust of the conceptual beyond the perceptual. An in-depth reconsideration of philosophy’s original distinctiveness and a polyvalent conversation with extra-modern ontologies guide the discussion, through which we nonetheless stress the relevance of Bensusan’s proposal in a philosophical arena dominated by the power negative and agree with him on the importance, if not on the absoluteness, of indexicality for the renewal of contemporary thought. 


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