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Indexicalism and its Risks

A Response to Bensusan


  • Graham Harman Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)


Bensusan, Object Oriented Ontology, Multinaturalism


This article covers three objections I have to Hilan Bensusan's otherwise interesting book Indexicalism: Realism and the Metaphysics of Paradox. First, I assess Bensusan's fruitful combination of the philosophies of Whitehead and Levinas and point to some small problems with the way this is done. Second, I respond to his critique of my own philosophical position, object-oriented ontology (OOO). Third, I review his allegiance to the "multinaturalist" position of Bruno Latour, Philippe Descola, and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, challenging the idea that specific ontologies can be correlated with particular political results.


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