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Morphogenesis, Forces and the Universal Constants

Towards a Unifying Perspective and Principle, with Implications for Scientific Practice


  • Michael Lieber Genadyne Consulting


accommodation, adhesion, biology, cohesion, completion, correspondence, dimensional/dimensionless constants, evolutionary, force, fractal, golden ratio, morphogenesis, physics, principle, stability, stress, unifying, universal


Previous studies of in vitro and in vivo morphogenesis in plants may suggest a more inclusive principle governing biological and physical processes. Forces, including those of adhesion and cohesion, may reflect and enable the deep role of the dimensional, universal physical constants of physics through a constant, regenerative-defining, dimensionless component of those constants. It is the existence of such universal constants from which comes and reflects stability, coherence and constancy in nature through constraints or forces enabled within a neo-aether, and occurring through a non-uniform space-time. These are situations most displayed in biological processes. And a further study of the connections between such universal constants may give us deep insights into such natural processes and situations. Such as, the morphogenic becoming of such situations may thus be shown to reflect specifically a unifying principle governing the stabilization of physical and biological phenomena, with relevance for human society. Published and unpublished information, pertaining to the physical, dimensional universal constants and forces, which indirectly illustrate this proposed principle, is presented. This may serve a heuristic function for devising and conceptualizing new experimental approaches and designs, where an investigation of biological processes becomes a unifying study of and approach to all natural processes through all scales. A biological-based epistemology is also suggested, which should serve the constructive evolution and stabilization of science, especially social science. In this connection, the issue of indeterminacy and determinacy in science is also addressed.


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