The Ethics of the Outside in the Face of the Perspective from Within

The Indexicalist Paradox


  • Gabriela Lafetá UERJ


Indexicalism; Hilan Bensusan; Metaphysics and Ethics of the Other


More than addressing a metaphysics of the paradox for its own good, Indexicalism throws us indirectly into a hard core through which a resolute attempt is announced: thinking through exteriority – and that is precisely why indexicalism can be no less than a metaphysics and a critique of it. Touching the most delicate interstices of this metaphysics that is a metaphysics of others requires me to read the difference between what is presented in indexicalist grammar as "the Great Outdoors" and "interiority". I intend to do this by treating on the "metaphysics" brought in not only in desire, as Levinas wants, but, against Levinas, by the psychic suffering extended to the other in its impossibility to be received.


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