Vol 7, No 1 (2011)

Real Objects or Material Subjects

Table of Contents


Editors Introduction Abstract PDF HTML
Michael O'Neill Burns, Brian Smith 1-6
The Problem With Metzinger Abstract PDF HTML
Graham Harman 7-36
The Transcendental Core of Correlationism Abstract PDF HTML
Paul J. Ennis 37-48
Critical Idealism and Transcendental Materialism: A Speculative Analysis of the Second Paralogism Abstract PDF HTML
Michael James Olson 49-61
Objects in manifold times: Deleuze and the speculative philosophy of objects as processes Abstract PDF HTML
James Williams 62-75
Becoming L’homme Imaginaire: The Role of The Imagination in Overcoming Cir-cularity in Sartre’s Critique Of Dialectical Reason Abstract PDF HTML
Austin Smidt 76-86
Beyond Objects, Beyond Subjects: Giorgio Agamben on Animality, Particularity and the End of Onto-theology Abstract PDF HTML
Colby Dickinson 87-103
Fanon and Political Will Abstract PDF HTML
Peter Hallward 104-127
The Necessity of Contingency or Contingent Necessity: Meillassoux, Hegel, and the Subject Abstract PDF HTML
John Van Houdt 128-141
Aufhebung and Negativity: A Hegelianism without Transcendence Abstract PDF HTML
Ryan Krahn 142-154
Lacanian Materialism and the Question of the Real Abstract PDF HTML
Tom Eyers 155-166
Materialism, Subjectivity and the Outcome of French Philosophy: Interview with Adrian Johnston Abstract PDF HTML
Michael O'Neill Burns, Brian Smith 167-181