Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Living and Knowing: How Nature Makes Knowledge Possible Abstract PDF
Michael Dix 1-34
Chaos beyond Order: Overcoming the Quest for Certainty and Conservation in Modern Western Sciences Abstract PDF
Riccardo Baldissone 35-49
An Incomplete Definition of Reality Abstract PDF
Boris DeWiel 50-72
Was Samuel Butler Mainly Right About Evolution? Abstract PDF
Murray Code 73-100
Hegel's Philosophy of Nature of 1805-6; Its Relation to the Phenomenology of Spirit Abstract PDF
Daniel E Shannon 101-132
Heidegger's Historicisation of Aristotlean Being Abstract PDF
Susan Roberts 133-160
Iteration and Truth: A Fifth "Orientation of Thought" Abstract PDF
Hannu Poutiainen 161-182
Time and Presence in Agamben's Critique of Deconstruction Abstract PDF
Jenny Doussan 183-202
Rhetoric and Rationality Abstract PDF
Steve Mackey 203-224
Situating Norms and Jointness of Social Interaction Abstract PDF
Patrizio Lo Presti 225-248
Speech, Writing, and Play in Gadamer and Derrida Abstract PDF
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein 249-264
Overcoming Incommensurability through Intercultural Dialogue Abstract PDF
Paul Healy 265-281
The Spiritual Meaning of Technological Evolution to Life Abstract PDF
Joseph Morrill Kirby 282-300
Reflections on the Existential Philosophy in T.S. Eliot's Poetry Abstract PDF
Prajna Pani 301-316
Towards an Ecological Civilization: A Gramscian Strategy for a New Political Subject Abstract PDF
Gerard Ahearne 317-326
The Grand Narrative of the Age of Re-Embodiments: Beyond Modernism and Postmodernism Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 327-357
A Greek Tragedy? A Hegelian Perspective on Greece’s Sovereign Debt Crisis Abstract PDF
Karin de Boer 358-375