Vol 1, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


Where Times Meet Abstract PDF HTML
Theodore R. Schatzki 191-212
The Freedom to Design Nature: Kant's Strong Ought→Can Inference in 21st Century Perspective Abstract PDF HTML
Edward Eugene Kleist 213-221
Palaeo-philosophy: Complex and Concept in Archaic Patterns of Thought Abstract PDF HTML
Paul S. MacDonald 222-244
Philosophy of Communication: What Does it Have to do With Philosophy of Social Sciences Abstract PDF HTML
Jean Robillard 245-260
Is Economics a Natural Science? Abstract PDF HTML
Julie A. Nelson 261-269
Evolutionary Naturalism and the Logical Structure of Valuation: The Other Side of Error Theory Abstract PDF HTML
Richard A Richards 270-294
The Cosmic Bellows: The Big Bang and the Second Law Abstract PDF HTML
Stanley Salthe, Gary Fuhrman 295-318
Cosmic Ecstasy and Process Theology Abstract PDF HTML
Blair Reynolds 319-333
Walking With Death, Walking With Science, Walking With Living: Philosophical Praxis and Happiness Abstract PDF HTML
Frances Gray 334-347

Book Reviews

By Transmission: How it All Comes Down to Nothing (Gabriel Riera (ed.), Alain Badiou: Philosophy and its Conditions) Abstract PDF HTML
Adam J. Bartlett 348-356
Only Psychoanalysis Can Make You Really Unhappy (Jonathan Lear, Freud) Abstract PDF HTML
Justin Clemens 357-366
After the Surprising Conversions (Jacqueline Rose, The Question of Zion) Abstract PDF HTML
Justin Clemens 367-372

Conference Report

Recollecting the Future (The Future of Critical Theory) Abstract PDF HTML
Paul Ashton 373-376