Vol 11, No 2 (2015)

Foundations of Mind II: A Dialogue of World-Views

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue: Foundations of Mind II: A Dialogue of World-Views Abstract PDF
Seán Ó Nualláin 1-7
The Neoclassical Interpretation of Modern Physics and it Implications for an Information Based Interpretation of Spirituality Abstract PDF
Shiva Meucci 8-27
An Entangled Dream Series: Fragmentation, Wholeness and the Collective Unconscious Abstract PDF
Judy B. Gardiner 28-46
Beyond Conception: Ontic Reality, Pure Consciousness and Matter Abstract PDF
Leanne Whitney 47-59
The Circle of Explanation in the Sciences Abstract PDF
Seán Ó Nualláin 60-82
The Biofield: Bridge Between Mind and Body Abstract PDF
Beverly Rubik 83-96
The Emergent Dualism View of Quantum Physics and Consciousness Abstract PDF
Christopher Tyler 97-114
QEEG Studies of the Acute Effects of the Visionary Tryptamine DMT Abstract PDF
Juan Acosta-Urquidi 115-129
Fractal Cognitive Triad: The Theoretical Connection between Subjective Experience and Neural Oscillations Abstract PDF
Justin M. Riddle 130-145
Quantum Mechanics & the Brain, and some of its Consequences Abstract PDF
Acacio de Barros, Gary Oas 146-153
A Review of the Method of Using the Scalp Electric Field in EEG Analysis Abstract PDF
Claudio Carvalhaes, J. Acacio de Barros 154-159
On the Necessity of Including the Observer in Physical Theory Abstract PDF
Wolfgang Baer 160-174
Fundamental Mathematics of Consciousness Abstract PDF
Menas Kafatos 175-188
Biophotonic Route for Understanding Mind, Brain and the World Abstract PDF
Rajendra Prasad Baijpai 189-200
Measurements and Knowledge Abstract PDF
Carlos Montemayor 201-204
The Origin of Thinking: Restoring the Living Roots of Rational Consciousness Abstract PDF
Glenn Aparacio Parry 205-213
Streams Touching Consciousness: Sensoriality and the Ontology of Repetition Abstract PDF
Katja Pettinen, Myrdene Anderson 214-227
Transcultural Perspective on Consciousness: A Bridge Between Anthropology, Medicine and Physics Abstract PDF
Tania Re, Carlo Ventura 228-241
The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Conception of Mind, Matter, and Life Abstract PDF
Fritjof Capra 242-249
Humanity's Capacity to Share a Common Sense: The Absence That Gives Rise to Our Presence Abstract PDF
Sperry Andrews, Jennifer Tayloe 250-268
The Physics of Symbols Evolved Before Consciousness Abstract PDF
Howard Pattee 269-277
Highest Ground Abstract PDF
Rodney Ferguson 278-289
The Science of Biogeometry Abstract PDF
Jerry Gin 290-309
On the Nature of Quantum Dynamical Variables Abstract PDF
James R. Johnston 310-325
Primacy of Quantum Logic in the Natural World Abstract PDF
Cynthia Sue Larson 326-340