Vol 6, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


Time, Space, Essence, and Eidos: A New Theory of Causation Abstract PDF HTML
Graham Harman 1-17
Naturphilosophie Redivivus: on Bruno Latour's 'Political Ecology' Abstract PDF HTML
Adrian Wilding 18-32
Designing Journeys to the Social World: Hegel’s Theory of Property and His Noble Dreams Revisited Abstract PDF HTML
Haochen Sun 33-59
The Ontology of Modern Terrorism: Hegel, Terrorism Studies and Dynamics of Violence Abstract PDF HTML
Gavin Cameron, Joshua David Goldstein 60-90
All That We Are: Philosophical Anthropology and Ecophilosophy Abstract PDF HTML
Keith R Peterson 91-113
Maximum Power and Maximum Entropy Production: Finalities in Nature Abstract PDF HTML
Stanley Salthe 114-121
Models Learning Change Abstract PDF HTML
Philip F Henshaw 122-141
The Normative Sciences, the Sign Universe, Self-Control and Rationality – According to Peirce Abstract PDF HTML
Bent Sørensen, Torkild Leo Thellefsen 142-152

Review Articles

A Contested Revolution Abstract PDF HTML
Benjamin James Lozano 153-162
The Age of Plastic; or, Catherine Malabou on the Hegelian Futures Market Abstract PDF HTML
Justin Clemens 163-168
Chronicling the Erosion of Noumena Abstract PDF HTML
Fabio Gironi 169-175