Fundamental Pattern and Consciousness


  • Jerry Gin Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR)


Consciousness, Torus structure, Fundamental pattern, Zero point energy field, Ether, Sacred geometry, Flower of life, Phi ratio, Phi spiral, Vector Equilibrium, Cuboctahedron, Isotropic vector matrix, Amplituhedron, Star tetrahedron


In the new physics and in the new field of cosmometry,1 it is the fundamental pattern that results in the motion (Bohm's holomovement) from which all is created.  Everything starts with the point of infinite potential.  The tetrahedron at the point gives birth to the cuboctahedron (Vector Equilibrium); its motion and structure result in the creation of the torus structure.  The torus structure is self-referencing on a moment by moment basis since all must pass through the center.  But isn't self-referencing the basis for consciousness?  It is said that all of creation has awareness, but at different levels.  We know plants are aware of threats and of death to other living creatures by the work of Cleve Backster.  We know we influence random number generators from the PEAR studies at Princeton.  We know baby chicks will influence the movement of robots programed to do a random walk from the work of Rene Peoc'h.  Quantum physics has embraced geometry with the work in the equations which explain the Feynman diagrams where particles come in and out of existence; those equations form a structure called the Amplituhedron - which is a quarter of a star tetrahedron.

We also know that the tetrahedron can form the star tetrahedron and that each point of the star tetrahedron can form its own star tetrahedron, which can go on infinitely.  That is, there is infinity in the finite.  As in the fractal and holographic universe, each point or tetrahedron is connected to every other point.  If each point has awareness due to formation of the torus, then Hermes teaching of "As above, as below" has meaning in the torus structure.

If the torus is the fundamental unit of self-reference, is that the fundamental unit from which consciousness arises?  The torus or double torus appears to be fundamental to all of creation - from galaxies to planets to atoms to photons.

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