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Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of natural and social philosophy. It serves those who see philosophy's vocation in questioning and challenging prevailing assumptions about ourselves and our place in the world, developing new ways of thinking about physical existence, life, humanity and society, so helping to create the future insofar as thought affects the issue. Philosophy so conceived is not exclusively identified with the work of professional philosophers, and the journal welcomes contributions from philosophically oriented thinkers from all disciplines.


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Foundations of Mind V: The New AI Scare
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Affirming Life
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Foundations of Mind IV: Quantum Mechanics Meets Neurodynamics
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Foundations of Mind III: Homage to Walter Freeman III
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Foundations of Mind II: A Dialogue of World-Views
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Foundations of Mind I: Cognition and Consciousness

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The Future of Philosophy
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Overcoming Nihilism
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Real Objects or Material Subjects
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The Poetics of Resistance
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Transcending the Disciplinary Boundaries
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The Italian Difference: Between Nihilism and Biopolitics
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What is Life?
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The Spirit of the Age: Hegel and the Fate of Thinking
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The Praxis of Alain Badiou
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Inaugural Issue
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‘Cosmos’ and ‘History’ are both Greek words. ‘Cosmos’, which originally meant ‘order’, came to mean ‘the ordered structure of the universe’. ‘History’, which originally meant ‘investigation’, came to mean an account of human actions and the causes of conflicts. Systematic speculation on the cosmos and the effort to produce objective histories emerged together in a society where, perhaps for the first time, people reflected impartially on themselves and their world and took responsibility for the future. Yet a tension emerged between Greek cosmology and Greek history. With the Pythagoreans who argued that the order in nature is mathematical, the notion of cosmos as a timeless structure, crystallized. History, being concerned with human actions and the rise and fall of individuals and cities, was clearly about that which is not permanent. The tension between cosmology, conceiving the cosmos as an immutable, timeless order, and history, concerned with actions, intentions, conflicts and the rise and fall of individuals and communities, has been at the core of virtually all intellectual and political oppositions throughout the history of European civilization. What is required is a combination of natural and social philosophy, transcending all disciplinary boundaries, concerned with the fundamental issues of understanding the cosmos and our place within it as historical agents. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, provides a forum for advancing this understanding. It provides a focus to revive that unlimited interrogation of our cultural heritage introduced by the Ancient Greeks required for us to create the future. The journal encourages contributions from philosophically oriented thinkers from all disciplines.






















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Vol 14, No 1 (2018): Foundations of Mind V: The New AI Scare

Table of Contents

Conference Report

Foundations of Mind V: Introduction - The New AI Scare Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 1-16


Countering the Artificial Intelligence Threat Abstract PDF
Wolfgang Baer 17-26
Whitehead's Cosmology - Process Relational Perspective to Relativity and Quantum Theory Abstract PDF
Deepak Bansal 27-39
The Participating Mind in the Quantum Universe Abstract PDF
Menas C. Kafatos, Keun-Hang S. Yang 40-55
Voluntary Action, Conscious Will, and Readiness Potential Abstract PDF
Syamala D. Hari 56-70
If Artificial Intelligence Asks Questions, Will Nature Answer? Preserving Free Will in a Recursive Self-Improving Cyber-Secure Quantum Computing World Abstract PDF
Cynthia Larson 71-82
A New Approach to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics Abstract PDF
Stanley A. Klein 83-90
Plasma Brain Dynamics: II. Quantum Effects on Consciousness Abstract PDF
John Z.G. Ma 91-104
Continuity, Time, and "Artificial Intelligence" Abstract PDF
Stan V. McDaniel 105-112
Universal Principles of Intelligent System Design Abstract PDF
Kirill Popov, Aamod Shanker, Debanjan Bhowmik 113-122
Quantum Mechanics and Cognitive Science: The Probe and the Probed Abstract PDF
Varanasi Ramabrahmam 123-141
Ancient Shamanism and Modern Psychotherapy: From Athropology to Evidence-Based Psychodelic Medicine Abstract PDF
Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Hicham Khabbache, Ignazio Vecchio, Mariano Martini, Marco Perduca, Riccardo Zerbetto, Tania Simona Re 142-152
Artificial Intelligence and the Biofield: New Opportunities and Challenges Abstract PDF
Beverly Rubik, Harry Jabs 153-162
Solution to David Chalmers's "Hard Problem" Abstract PDF
Jack Sarfatti, Arik Shimansky 163-186
Difficulties in Inorganic and Organic Measurement of Energy: Influences of Mind (intention or Yi) and Nature in Outcome Abstract PDF
Phillip Shinnick, Laurence Porter 187-202
Systems Philosophy Abstract PDF
Mansoor Vakili 203-216
On Quantum Mechanical Automata, Gödel Numbers, and Self-Referring Consciousness Abstract PDF
Fred Alan Wolf 217-246
Observations: The Building Blocks of the World Abstract PDF
Vipul Arora, Laxmidhar Behera 247-258
Vibrational Foundations of Mental Morphogenesis Abstract PDF
Aamod Shanker, Kirill Popov, Cale Madsen, Debanjan Bhowmik 259-275
Reconstructing the Tower of Babel: Mind and World, Consciousness and Experience Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 276-300
The Celtic Becoming: Prelude to a New Believing Abstract PDF
Jack DuVall 301-305
Jung, Yoga and Affective Neuroscience: Towards a Contemporary Science of the Sacred Abstract PDF
Leanne Whitney 306-320
Metareligion as the Human Singularity Abstract PDF
Christopher Langan 321-332
Reterritorializing Ireland and Mental Health Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 333-350