Vol 13, No 3 (2017)

Affirming Life

Table of Contents


Affirming Life Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 1-7


Why Is There Life? Abstract PDF
James Clay Thornton 8-53
The Cradle of Humanity: A Psychological and Phenomenological Perspective Abstract PDF
Carlos Montemayor, Spencer Horne 54-76
On the Sickness of Modern Reason Or, What If...? Abstract PDF
Murray Code 77-106
Schelling and The Sixth Extinction: The Environmental Ethics Behind Schelling’s Anthropomorphization of Nature Abstract PDF
Vincent Le 107-129
From 'Sustainable Development' to 'Ecological Civilization': Winning the War for Survival Abstract PDF
Arran Gare 130-153
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Does Plato Make Room for Negative Forms in His Ontology? Abstract PDF
Necip Fikri Alican 154-191
Numbers: Harmonic Ratios and Beauty in Augustinian Musical Cosmology Abstract PDF
Junxiao Bai 192-217
Celtic Devotion, together with Translation of “Orthai Cosanta" by Sean O Duinn Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 218-237
Science, Philosophy and the Return of Time: Reflections on Speculative Thought Abstract PDF
Matthew McManus 238-262
Quentin Meillassoux and the Rehabilitation of the Principle of Sufficient Reason Abstract PDF
Martin Orensanz 263-275
Theorizing the Wicked Witch: A Nietzschean Demonology Abstract PDF
Brian Johnson 276-291
Philosophy of History: Change, Stability and the Tragic Human Condition Abstract PDF
Gregory C. Melleuish, Susanna G Rizzo 292-311
Understanding in a Post-Truth World? Com-prehension and Co-naissance as Empathetic Antidotes to Post-Truth Politics Abstract PDF
Andrew Trevor Kirkpatrick 312-335
Using Giambattista Vico to Ponder Truth and Reality in the Donald Trump Era Abstract PDF
Steve Peter Mackey 336-357
The Transformation of Australian Football: The Impact of Business on the Sport Field Abstract PDF
Samuel Keith Duncan 358-383
Creative Contingency as Necessary Abstract PDF
Daniel A. Dombrowski 384-400

Review Articles

Hans Driesch Re-Visited after a Century: On "Leib Und Seele – Eine Untersuchung Uber Das Psychophysiche Grundproblem" Abstract PDF
Stefan Gruner 401-424
Autumn of the Patriarchs: Stapp and Freeman on Quantum Theory and Consciousness Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 425-437

Book Reviews

Review of Anya Daly, "Merleau-Ponty and the Ethics of Intersubjectivity". Abstract PDF
Nicholas Danne 438-441
Psychology's Pyrrhic Victory. Review of Edward Reed, "From Soul to Mind". Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 442-445
Before the Deluge. Review of Steve Garner, "Racism in the Irish Experience". Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 446-451
A Manifesto for the Future. Review of Arran Gare, "The Philosophical Foundations of Ecological Civilization". Abstract PDF
Peter Vintila 452-465

Conference Proceedings

Parallel Irelands: The Disenchantment and Re-Enchantment of IONA Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 466-659