Parallel Irelands: The Disenchantment and Re-Enchantment of IONA


  • Sean O Nuallain stanford


Ireland, Brexit, North Atlantic Islands, Celtic confederation


This book length work by Seán í“ Nualláin and other authors (Gearóid O' Colmáin, Joe McCarthy, Gerald Gillespie, Frank Lillis, Glynn Custred, Cathal Brugha II, Hassan Ahmad, Eoin de Bhaldraithe, Mary Elizabeth Steiner) explores the geopolitics of the islands of the north Atlantic (IONA) in the wake of Brexit and the new dispensation governing Ireland's place in the EU following the EC's Apple tax decision. This is juxtaposed with deep analysis of how the Irish state works, and fails to work.  Moreover, the conference on which this is based featured trenchant discussion on immigration to the EU.

It is proposed that a Celtic confederation should co-exist with the UK in IONA. The high resource, low population density countries of Ireland and Scotland should reach out to their peers in Wales and England with an offer of belonging. An immense and beautiful new possibility is proposed to replace the current illegal congeries.




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