Vol 14, No 1 (2018)

Foundations of Mind V: The New AI Scare

Table of Contents

Conference Report

Foundations of Mind V: Introduction - The New AI Scare Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 1-16


Countering the Artificial Intelligence Threat Abstract PDF
Wolfgang Baer 17-26
Whitehead's Cosmology - Process Relational Perspective to Relativity and Quantum Theory Abstract PDF
Deepak Bansal 27-39
The Participating Mind in the Quantum Universe Abstract PDF
Menas C. Kafatos, Keun-Hang S. Yang 40-55
Voluntary Action, Conscious Will, and Readiness Potential Abstract PDF
Syamala D. Hari 56-70
If Artificial Intelligence Asks Questions, Will Nature Answer? Preserving Free Will in a Recursive Self-Improving Cyber-Secure Quantum Computing World Abstract PDF
Cynthia Larson 71-82
A New Approach to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics Abstract PDF
Stanley A. Klein 83-90
Plasma Brain Dynamics: II. Quantum Effects on Consciousness Abstract PDF
John Z.G. Ma 91-104
Continuity, Time, and "Artificial Intelligence" Abstract PDF
Stan V. McDaniel 105-112
Universal Principles of Intelligent System Design Abstract PDF
Kirill Popov, Aamod Shanker, Debanjan Bhowmik 113-122
Quantum Mechanics and Cognitive Science: The Probe and the Probed Abstract PDF
Varanasi Ramabrahmam 123-141
Ancient Shamanism and Modern Psychotherapy: From Athropology to Evidence-Based Psychodelic Medicine Abstract PDF
Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Hicham Khabbache, Ignazio Vecchio, Mariano Martini, Marco Perduca, Riccardo Zerbetto, Tania Simona Re 142-152
Artificial Intelligence and the Biofield: New Opportunities and Challenges Abstract PDF
Beverly Rubik, Harry Jabs 153-162
Solution to David Chalmers's "Hard Problem" Abstract PDF
Jack Sarfatti, Arik Shimansky 163-186
Difficulties in Inorganic and Organic Measurement of Energy: Influences of Mind (intention or Yi) and Nature in Outcome Abstract PDF
Phillip Shinnick, Laurence Porter 187-202
Systems Philosophy Abstract PDF
Mansoor Vakili 203-216
On Quantum Mechanical Automata, Gödel Numbers, and Self-Referring Consciousness Abstract PDF
Fred Alan Wolf 217-246
Observations: The Building Blocks of the World Abstract PDF
Vipul Arora, Laxmidhar Behera 247-258
Vibrational Foundations of Mental Morphogenesis Abstract PDF
Aamod Shanker, Kirill Popov, Cale Madsen, Debanjan Bhowmik 259-275
Reconstructing the Tower of Babel: Mind and World, Consciousness and Experience Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 276-300
The Celtic Becoming: Prelude to a New Believing Abstract PDF
Jack DuVall 301-305
Jung, Yoga and Affective Neuroscience: Towards a Contemporary Science of the Sacred Abstract PDF
Leanne Whitney 306-320
Metareligion as the Human Singularity Abstract PDF
Christopher Langan 321-332
Reterritorializing Ireland and Mental Health Abstract PDF
Sean O Nuallain 333-350