A New Approach to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics


  • Stanley A. Klein UC Berkeley


nterpretations of QM, Decoherence, Measurement, Quantum mechanics, Stapp


Quantum Mechanics is typically divided into two parts: the unobserved amplitude given by the equations of quantum field theory and the observed measurement aspect. We argue that a better approach is insert a probability realm in the middle. The reason is that every measurement involves interactions with a complex environment where massive decoherence transforms the amplitudes into standard probabilities.  The  probabilities eliminate complex superpositions so that quantum states A AND B become classical states A OR B. Thus the measurement process becomes a simpler and more familiar process of the observer selecting from classical type probabilities.  This is close to the approach recommended by Henry Stapp. We anticipate that by using this approach many of the different interpretations of quantum mechanics become more similar to each other.




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