Countering the Artificial Intelligence Threat


  • Wolfgang Baer Nascent Systems Inc.


Cognitive action theory, Event ontology, Artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing but a rule based mimicry of our life form that will only ensnare those of us who buy into its illogical premises. The reality of the world is not what we see nor is it the physical objects whose behavior is described by the classic physics that has developed since the time of Newton to dominate our thinking.

In this paper I will outline the next step in the evolution of our thinking process and thereby eliminate the threat that AI poses. This step replaces objects with events which give context to both the qualia we experience and the objective world we believe that explains their appearance. The framework of the event oriented world view is now complete. In the next step we will conceive of reality as a form of action, where action is the material of events. In this presentation I will show how the record of events normally drafted as a block universe can be expanded to include both the physical and mental aspects of our existence. The resulting Cognitive Action Theory will be shown to be a superset of quantum theory and quantum theory will be shown to be a mental projection of properties ascribed to the interior of matter. We believe to be seeing such matter from the outside. Unfortunately this interior is always beyond the grasp of our sense and therefore a theoretical construct that is a changeable creation of our minds. The next evolutionary step in our understanding of ourselves is to recognize the "I" as a loop in time.

To confuse a robot, who undoubtedly possesses the same primitive consciousness as all material, with the timeline of our own existence is simply to confuse the tool with the creator and director of the tool. It is the agenda behind the tool not the tool of artificial intelligence that may succeed in enslaving us, and unless we fail to recognize the true source of this danger they may actually succeed.




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