Plasma Brain Dynamics: II. Quantum Effects on Consciousness


  • John Z.G. Ma California Institute of Integral Studies


Plasma brain dynamics (PBD), Quantum effect, Wigner-Poisson equation


This article studies the quantum effect of the brain neuronal system on both normal and abnormal conscious states. It develops Plasma Brain Dynamics (PBD) to obtain a set of kinetic quantum-plasma Wigner-Poisson equations. The model is established under typical electrostatic and collision-free conditions in both the absence and presence of an external magnetic field. The quantum perturbation is solved analytically by employing a backward-mapping approach to the motion of electrons. Results expose that the quantum perturbation turns out to be zero at normal conscious states; but no more than 11% of the classical perturbation under assumed abnormal situations like a sudden head trauma ,mood disorder, etc. The introduction of the magnetic field does not influence the results.




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