Interactions of Pyramidal Structures with Energy and Consciousness


  • Beverly Rubik Institute for Frontier Science


Pyramid, Biofield, Vital force, Subtle energy, Bioenergy, Geomagnetic field, Aether, Intention, Belief, Sacred geometry, Consciousness, DMILS (direct mental intention on living systems)


The purpose of the great stone pyramids of ancient civilizations remains a mystery.  Although pyramids are sometimes reputed to have certain powers or energies associated with them, documented evidence is scarce, and scientific theory is lacking.  This paper explores a few key questions:  (1) Is there an energy field associated with pyramidal structures that can perform work? If so, what is the nature of this energy field?  Are there effects of pyramidal structures on humans, other organisms, and inanimate objects?  (2) Does consciousness interact with pyramidal structures to produce or modify any effects?  Do belief and intention matter?   Evidence is shown that pyramidal structures collect or allow what may be a novel form of energy--cosmic energy or bioenergy--to flow in an unusual manner, producing a variety of unanticipated effects unexplainable by conventional science.  The restoration of razor blades to sharpness; rapid drying and preservation of foods; accelerated healing of human injuries and sick animals; and increased growth of plants with larger biomass are some of these effects.  In a controlled study on seed germination and growth, we observed an interaction of consciousness, whereby distant intent to facilitate faster plant growth together with placing plants under a pyramidal structure led to positive synergistic effects on plant growth, greater than intent alone or pyramid alone.  Alignment with geomagnetic north is important to obtaining these effects.  The collective evidence suggests that pyramidal structures may be psychotronic generators that work together with consciousness and a form of energy to produce advantageous effects on matter.




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