Science to Improve the Human Condition


  • Phillip Shinnick Whole Person Self Healing Institute, Inc.


Acupuncture, Animal spirit, Body, Breathing, Chronic heart disease, Computerized tomography, Coulombic fields, Compression fracture, Dermatome, EEG, EKG, Gaussian fields, Meridians, Meditation, Mind, Omura O-ring, Oriental medicine, Pain, PEMF, Photonics


Science must address a deep human concern, pain and suffering and how can an individual, without drugs and surgery, self-heal? Historical knowledge of Coulombic, Gaussian and Photonic energy in medicine and the science of human organic life energy or Qi is required to heal ourselves. How can we couple singular individual consciousness of ancient practice techniques within a scientific frame? First, where does Qi fit into science? The properties of organic and inorganic oneness, comparing the physiology of human Enlightenment to the stable state of helium at absolute temperature gives information on how to approach disease. A non-invasive diagnostic technique of the Omura O-ring is capable of testing meridian theory, giving light on Oriental medicine's limitations as compared to modern neuro-science of the dermatome. Treatment through self-help techniques of Chronic Heart Disease and a serious spinal injury gives us data in which to evaluate this approach




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