Detecting Subtle Energies with a Physical Sensor Array


  • Harry Jabs TSGE
  • Beverly Rubik


Subtle energy, Bioenergy, Biofield, Energy healing, Medium, Psychoenergetic, Intention, Volition, Consciousness, Mind-body, Invocation, Sensors, Detectors, Emotions, Spirituality


The notion of a life energy or subtle energy goes back to antiquity. Energy healing, out-of-the-body experiences, and invocations of extraphysical consciousnesses suggest that subtle energies exist that go beyond conventional science.  In controlled experiments we explore whether experienced practitioners engaging in such practices can influence novel detectors shielded from conventional energies in a "Sensor Suite," a customized array of environmental, physiological, and novel subtle energy sensors.  The latter were based on the hypothesis that subtle energies could couple to certain physical states and thus could be transduced into electrical signals. We looked for detector responses time-correlated with specific psychoenergetic activities, subject physiological parameters, and subject intent, while monitoring over a dozen sensors simultaneously and continuously using real-time computer data acquisition. Case studies show that plasma-based subtle energy detectors respond best to purported subtle energies.  The magnitude of subtle energy detector response appears to correlate with focus, emotional charge, heightened psycho-physiological states, and subject spontaneity.  Evidence suggests that it may be independent of distance.




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