The Death of God and Hegel's Philosophy of History


  • Daniel Green University of California, Riverside


Hegel, Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of History, Death of God, Alternative History


The primary aim of this paper is to provide an interpretation of what Hegel means when he claims that history is “teleologically” structured. Contrary to the common interpretation, I argue that Hegel’s attribution of teleology to history is not rooted in the Eurocentric claim that history’s purpose is to pave the way for the social, cultural, and philosophical accomplishments of modern Europe.

     On the contrary, through an exploration of the way in which Hegel’s understanding of history is rooted in the concept of “the death of God,” I argue that Hegel sees historical explanation itself as well as the teleological aim which underpins the structure of any historical explanation, as gaining their significance within a particular cultural, social, and normative context. In this sense, I hope that Hegel’s conception of historical explanation can provide us with a theoretical structure that encourages us to be open to alternative historical narratives and reflective of the cultural and normative interests inherent in our own dominant narratives.


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