Consciousness Without Constraint: Open String Theory - One Loose End


  • Judy B. Gardiner


Chaos theory, Collective unconscious, Consciousness, Dreams, Electromagnetism, Fractals, Infinity, Loop quantum gravity, Monopole, Optics, Phase space, Quantum cognition, String theory


Utilizing string and chaos theory as a template, dreaming-waking consciousness opens to the collective unconscious where dreams access universal information in a metaphorical black hole of the psyche. This experiential study of crossover theories, scientific disciplines, and unified consciousness illustrates how insights unconstrained by preconceptions are developed at the most basic levels of awareness. Physics overlaps with concepts of immortality and infinity. Insights emerge in a fluid, unconstrained dimension of consciousness.

An Alice in Wonderland allegory analogizes the process of discovering truths from other planes. Alice's curiosity impels her to decode scientific metaphors and clues, spinning and unfolding them into a quantum realm of branes and brains. As an investigative tool, vignettes illustrate Visual Associative Recognition Memory based on entangled quantum consciousness. In this dream-science narrative, logic and insight combine to pursue the proverbial "one loose end," while surface research produces applications that may help trigger insights relevant to theories of string and consciousness.




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