Celtic Metaphysics and Consciousness


  • Sean O Nuallain University of Ireland


Celtic, Noetic, Metaphysics, Religion


The notorious Stonehenge minilith section of "This is Spinal Tap" begins with the singer intoning about the Druids that "nobody knows who they were or  what they were doing, but their legacy  lives on". While the same is not quite true for the Celts in general, in that they left plenty of physical evidence for of their existence beyond Stonehenge,  neither a Celtic Plato nor an  Aristotle has ever been postulated. This article excavates the subterranean zone of the crisis in today's Europe and proposes that perhaps something new can be invented that is consistent both with science and our limited knowledge of this fringe civilization. In particular, while constrained by adherence to Christianity like Vygotsky was to Stalinist communism, the mediaeval Irish philosopher Eriugena can - again like Vygotsky - be decoded as harbinger of a revolution in thought even beyond the explicit insights in which he abounds.




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