Quantum Interpretations for Building Science/Religion Bridges


  • Christopher Cochran Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Stanley A. Klein Dept. of Vision Science, Berkeley, University of California


Quantum mechanics, Science and religion, Metaphysics


This paper attempts a systematic comparison of the multiple interpretations of quantum mechanics (QM). The article ends with a summary table that has 13 rows and 10 columns. The columns are metaphysical principles such as determinism and reality. The rows are the main interpretations from 1925 to the present. Each row has entries such as Yes/No/Agnostic. We have contacted most of the living authors and based on their comments we have modified the entry for their interpretation. However, there is reasonable space for disagreement when it comes to determining the correct value of each box (Yes/No/Agnostic). We hope to improve the table in the future. We have also eliminated one of the columns and replaced it with two new columns. We believe that this topic is especially relevant to bridge building in dialogues on science, religion and spirituality because of the unique way that QM brings out metaphysical questions from within science. While any science may lend itself to metaphysical speculation, few sciences beyond QM have such a wide range of metaphysical speculation that all correspond to the same empirical results. This fact may humble scientists and have interesting consequences for how to build bridges between conflicting worldviews.

Author Biography

Christopher Cochran, Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz




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Cochran, C., & Klein, S. A. (2017). Quantum Interpretations for Building Science/Religion Bridges. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, 13(2), 95–105. Retrieved from https://cosmosandhistory.org/index.php/journal/article/view/596