Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, Vol 13, No 2 (2017)

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Effects of Intention; Energy Healing and Mind-Body States on Biophoton Emission

Beverly Rubik, Harry Jabs


Beyond life as a biochemical system, endogenous and exogenous energy fields play an important role in the living state.  The biofield, the energy field associated with life, consists of low intensity electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that may be key to health and healing. Here we measured one component of the biofield, the ultraweak light emitted from the body-biophotons-and explored the influence of intention, extraordinary mind-body states, and human interaction on biophoton emission.  Three pilot studies were conducted to investigate whether biophoton emission is a biomarker correlated with intention.  Results showed that (1) biophoton emission from healers' hands diminished significantly by 11% post-healing; (2) biophoton emission during energy healing showed a unique pattern for each treatment session; (3) changes in biophoton emission from the forehead, heart, and abdominal regions of patients pre-post energy healing showed no discernible pattern for a small number of diverse patients; (4) subjects who engaged in bioenergetic practices emitted more biophotons from specific bodily regions, some in alignment with their intent.  Biophoton emission was found to be modulated by intention, energy healing, and bioenergetic mind-body practices. Biophotons might potentially be involved in quantum or quantum-like entanglement between humans, and may play a role in energy healing, biocommunication, and altered mind-body states.

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