The Connectivity of All Things: On Speculative Bonds


  • Sean Braune Brock University


Object-Oriented Ontology, Mathematical Ontology, Continental Philosophy


What makes things connect to other things? Do things connect to other things? This essay will present notes towards a speculative theory of connectivity that is focalized through the philosophical concepts of the bond in Giordano Bruno and the concept of suture in Alain Badiou. It will also offer a counterargument to object-oriented ontology's rejection of a theory of relations; this will be accomplished, in part, by situating withdrawal, which Graham Harman highlights as an essential component of a theory of objects, as the essence of any bond that connects humans and non-humans together.

Author Biography

Sean Braune, Brock University

Sean Braune is the writer of Dendrite Balconies (2019) and Language Parasites: Of Phorontology (2017). His theoretical work has been published in Postmodern Culture, Journal of Modern Literature, Canadian Literature, symplokć“, and elsewhere.




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